Company Profile

Enterprise Profile

Sichuan Changyi Oil-Gas Gathering Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Changyi, previously named as Leshan Changyi Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd) was founded in 1987 and located in the National High-tech Zone of Leshan, Sichuan Province. Changyi holds an asset of RMB 230 Million with 400 sets of facilities and is a special equipment manufacturing backbone enterprise, which specializes in researching, designing, manufacturing the oil/ gas mining and transportation equipment.

Changyi now is the "Three Board" listed company (stock code.: 830902) and owns many Reputation Certifications, such as National Hi-Tech Enterprise, Sichuan Innovation Enterprise, Sichuan "Growth" Enterprise, Sichuan Famous Product, Sichuan Famous Brand, Provincial Technical Center ,CNPC First-Class Supplier, Sinopec Qualified Supplier and CNNC Qualified Supplier and others. Changyi is also certified with National Manufacture License of Special Equipment (A1/A2/B Class Valves, A1/A2/B Class Safety Protective Equipment, A1/A2 Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping Components), National Design License of Pressure Vessel, National Installation Renovation and Maintenance License of Pressure Piping Components, National Industrial Production Permit, Self-Support Imports and Exports Certificate, ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001, EJ/T9001, EAC Certificate, API 6D Certificate and API 6FA Certificate, etc.

Changyi has researched and developed more than seventy application projects, owned more than fifty independent patents, and undertaken more than thirty national and provincial key scientific research projects. It is one of National and Industry Standard Drafting Committees and its leading product’s technology and its quality is in the domestic leading level. Changyi has established ERP Management System and adopted many advanced standards to design and manufacture products, such as ISO, API, ANSI, GB, JB, HG, etc. Its products sell well in Five Major Oil and Gas Producing Areas (Sichuan-Chongqing, Shensi-Kansu-Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Songliao Basin) and exported to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Niger, Chad, Myanmar and other countries and regions, as well as has be widely used in West-East Gas Transmission Project, Central Asia Project, Sichuan to Gas East Transmission Project, Sino-Myanmar Pipeline Project, Tarim Gas Field, Changbei Gas Field developed by Dutch Shell, Ordos Gas Field developed by TOTAL, High Sulfur Gas Field in Northeast Sichuan developed by Chevron, Longgang Gas Field, Puguang High Sulfur Gas Field developed by Sinopec, Yuanba Gas Field, Sino-Austrian Cooperation Guangdong LNG and other national trump project. The products occupy a significant share in national oil and gas field projects and are praised well by customers. Changyi has be rated as excellent suppliers of West to East Gas Pipeline Project, Western Crude Oil Product Pipeline Project, CNPC Western Pipeline and China Petroleum Pipeline Material and Equipment Co., Ltd.

Main products: Valves for oil and gas pipeline, Gas complete set skid, pressure vessel, NGL-LNG liquefied natural gas cryogenic equipment.

Product series: Vent Valve, Drain Valve, Throttle Valve, Safety Valve, Regulating Valve, Safety Shut-off Valve, Cut-off Valve, LNG Gasification Metering Skid(Cryogenic Tank), Gas Pressure Regulating Equipment, CNG Decompression Skid, Alcohol Injection Atomizer, Gas Odorization Equipment, Multi-way Valve Metering Skid, Multi-tube bundle Separation Skid, Natural Gas Molecular Sieve Dehydration Equipment, Shale Gas Equipment, Anticorrosive Separator, Filter, Various Anti-corrosion Valves, Various Pressure Vessels, etc. The products have high technical content, excellent quality, unique performance, high reliability and long service life.

Specification :150CL~2500CL, 10000psi, 1/2’’ ~24’’

Material : carbon steel, stainless steel, alloyed steel , nickel-base steel, cobalt- base steel ,hastelloy steel, etc ;

Application Area: Petroleum, Gas, Chemical, Metallurgy, Power, Pharmacy, etc.

Media: Oil, NG, NG with high content of H2S, CO2 CL, Various corrosive liquids.

Service Concept: Provide High-Quality Products and Outstanding Service to Customers With our Loyalty, Responsibility, Wisdom and Innovation.

Strategy: Continually develop special valves; strive for first-class level of domestic equipment manufacturing; steadily invest associated gas projects; timely access to nuclear power and remanufacturing fields.

Core Values: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Social Satisfaction, Shareholder Satisfaction


Competitive Advantages

Technical Advantage

  Company has gain more than 50 independent patents and owned core technology. Our vent valve and drain valve fill the gap in the domestic valve. The structure of pressure regulating valve and shutoff valve is an initiative domestically. Changyi drawn up the national standard GB/T28778 pilot safety valve and industry standard <vent valve>, which fill the gap. The product technology is leading in China.

  The products of Changyi are manufactured according to the standard of ISO、API, ANSI, ASME etc. It has reliable performance with sealing zero leakage. The problem of "running, dropping, leaking" in oil and gas production has been solved.

  The technology, production capacity and quality of vent valve and drain valve are in the leading position in our country. Changyi brand is well known in our country. It is highly appraised in the report of "Technical Study on Tarim Gas Field Surface Construction Project of West to East Gas Transmission". The quality of products produced by Changyi is reliable and recommended to be used in oil and gas engineering.

  Pilot safety valve is national key new products, national torch plan product, national innovation fund project, and domestic selection products for I, II, III line engineering equipment of West-to-east Gas Transmission. The performance parameters comply with API526 specification, and its technical level is leading in China.

  High precision pressure regulator received one invention patent and three utility model patents. The regulating structure is domestic leading and its technical is an initiative domestically. The technical parameters are superior to the national standard.

Management Advantage

  Changyi has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and GB/T28001 Management System Certification, Russian Customs Union EAC, United States API, Nuclear Industry EJ/T9001 Certification, and established many regulations, such as sound material procurement, technology development, production safety, marketing, financial management, energy consumption, environmental protection and other regulations.

  Changyi takes the employee foremost, realizes unification of company interests and personal interests, pays attention to giving full play to personal autonomy, creative potential and self-responsibility of each employee. It formed a strong sense of value identity and great cohesion within the enterprise.

Research and Development Advantage

 Changyi is provincial enterprise technology center, specializing in R & D of oil and gas equipment, complete equipment and pressure vessel. It has many patents and rich successful experience in undertaking many national and provincial key science and technology project.

  Changyi is one of the R & D leaders with academic background of China Fluid Engineering Professional Committee, National Safety Pressure Relief Device Standard Committee, Chinese Valve Association Science and Technology Standard Expert, and National Valve Standardization Technical Committee.

  Changyi has core R & D team with technical background of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Fluid Mechanical Design and Mechatronics, and has test facilities of special valve, pressure vessel and oil & gas equipment design and development.

  It has 30 years relevant business and technology accumulation in designing and supplying products for many projects, such as West-East Gas Transmission Project, Sichuan to Gas East Transmission Project and High Sulfur Gas Field Development Project. It has an irreplaceable role in the dominant position of the industry in our country.

  Perfect R & D Management system: each year a certain proportion of sales revenue invested as R & D investment.

  Changyi has good and long cooperative relationship with domestic oil and gas design institutes, colleges and universities in pipeline technology, high pressure large-caliber equipment, corrosion resistant materials, wellhead throttling technology, multiphase gas-liquid separator and others. Both sides have complementary advantage and share information to obtain many technical achievements.


  Marketing Advantage

  Changyi has established a good cooperation relationship with big customers, such as PetroChina, Sinopec, natural NG companies in various provinces and cities and Skid Manufacturer. It has a stable customer source, covering more than 20 provinces and cities in China. After more than 20 years of market development, our products have been widely used in national key oil and gas construction projects.


  The market centers on Five Major Oil and Gas Producing Areas (Sichuan-Chongqing, Shensi-Kansu-Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Songliao Basin) and radiate the Market of Gas Pipe Network in national major cities.


  Some products are exported to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Niger, Chad, Iran and Myanmar and other countries and regions.

Company Development Plan

In order to ensure continuous, stable and healthy development, and strive to become the benchmark enterprise in national oil and gas equipment manufacturing industry, Changyi Inherits "Changyi" brand advantages, deepens enterprise industrial upgrading, promotes the extension of the product chain, improves the quality of personnel as the foundation, as well as taking plant facilities construction as the basis, new product development as the driving force, marketing innovation as development countermeasure of the expanding mode.

1. Application of intelligent equipment and implementation of Changyi Manufacturing 2025

Transform the traditional equipment, and further build the scale, standardization, intelligence, branding "Oil and Gas Equipment R & D Manufacturing Factory".

2. Valve Expansion and Innovation

Develop valve toward to high technology, high parameters, intelligence, corrosion resistance and long life direction. In the range of high-end valve in oil and gas field and in the range of domestic scope, develop new products with high value-added and differentiation, such as axial regulating valve, safety cut off valve, high pressure regulating valve under harsh working condition, plug valve, shale gas recovery and transportation equipment, etc.

3. Improvement of R & D level of oil and gas equipment

Develop new products with excellent internal quality and function, for example, oil field recovery and transportation equipment, city gas skid, LNG associated gas generating equipment, LNG low temperature equipment, intelligent module integrated equipment, natural gas pipeline flow pressure control skid and so on.

4. Steady investment associated gas projects.

Actively expand various business, such as small and medium natural gas/associated gas recycling and LNG liquefied natural gas business, as well as Shaanxi and its surrounding, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other regional markets nosiness, so as to drive growth in business and performance.

5. Marketing Development

Take five major natural gas/shale gas producing areas (Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Songliao Basin) as center of domestic market, radiating gas pipeline network of national major cities. Expand chemical refining, pharmaceutical, power, metallurgy and steel fields and others and further develop Central Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Oman and other foreign markets. The market share is more than 30% in China.

6. Layout of Nuclear Power Industry

Changyi has obtained Nuclear Industry Quality Management System Certification EJ/T9001 and Qualified Supplier Certificate of CNNC. In the future, at the time of independent development, Changyi will increase the share of nuclear-related products through mergers and acquisitions of strategic partners.

7. Developing remanufacturing projects

Use external resources to seek for suitable technology for company and carry out technology industrial application, such as non-destructive testing for remanufacturing, green and efficient cleaning, automatic surface and volume repair, etc. Gradually develop remanufacture of high value components for oil and gas related equipment. Establish Strategic Cooperative relationship, develop recycling economy "Reuse" technology application project for oil and gas equipment remanufacturing, and jointly builds the demonstration base of laser cladding production and repair, which form circular economy model of "resource-product-waste product-remanufactured product", as to cultivate new economic growth point.

8. Timely introduce of strategic investors and business partners, and strive for applying transferring Board within 3-5 years.