Oil Gas Gathering Equipment
Sinlge Well Gas Gathering Skid
Function and Components

 ★This device is used for the high-pressure natural gas throttling, depressurization, heating in single well station, and for the midlle- pressure separating, metering and agents injections ;

 ★This device consists of jacket heater, charging pump for separator, various auto controlled instrument, electrical equipment and other components.

Technical Feature

 ★Medium : Acid or non-acid natural gas;

 ★Design Pressure:heating area /50MPa/35MPa/ 25MPa,seperating and metering  area : 4.0MPa/ 6.3MPa/10MPa;

 ★Total Treatment:0.1×104m3/d≤q≤100×104m3/d;

 ★Water content ≤100m3/d。

Performance Feature

 ★Thermal efficiency> 85%;

 ★Seperating efficiency:when the particle size is≤20μm,the seperating efficiency is >90%;

 ★High metering efficiency:it’s in conformance with GB/T21446;

 ★High automation:The whole system is auto controlled and normally without manual operation;

 ★Tight structure:Adopt the skid-mounted structure with smaller area, less construction and shorter on-site construction period.