Gas Pipeline Equipment
Skid-mounted LNG Liquefaction Device
 Skid-mounted LNG liquefaction is to purify, separate and liquefy conventional and unconventional sources of natural gas in the remote small gas fields, oil associated gas, coal bed methane, shale gas , methane gas, etc. through cryogenic technology as a result of getting a variety of LNG and LPG,products. It’s widely used in upstream of natural gas industry in purpose of fully recycling natural gas resources.

It’s also used to regulate the peak difference of natural gas pipeline network, and is a useful supplement to the natural gas industry chain.

 Compared with traditional LNG liquefaction Device, this apparatus has daily processing capacity in a range of 1 × 104Nm3 / d ~ 20 ×104Nm3 / d, and all small devices are integrated on few skids with small on-site installation and fundation work for production. This device is an ideal solutioon for natural gas liquefaction project which is under condition of harsh field environment, land shortage and short production cycle.