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Congratulation on Finishing Assessment of State Manufacturing License of Special Equipment
   (Reported by Yuanyuan, Photographed by Liu Chang) It’s warmly congratulated that the assessment of ball valve and check valve under (A1, A2, Class B) pressure piping components has been completed and will be awarded with Special Equipment Manufacturing License.
    April 9 at 8:30 am, the first special equipment assessment meeting started. Wangyuan Yi, general manager addressed a warm welcome and thanks to the arrival of three teachers, and managerial representative Mr. Wang Yuanqing did a basic introduction to our company incl. resource allocation , implementation of quality management system, ERP management system, construction, business development and the new plant construction. QHSE Manager Mr. Yang Ganglin introduced each responsible staff in quality management system. The Assessment Team Leader, on behalf of the review team, reiterated the appraisal purpose, procedure, and content of the pressure piping components manufacturing license.

    After the meeting, the assessment team paid a visit to our plant, include premises, workshop, inventory and storage for raw material and finish product ,etc . Furthermore, took sample check to our resources, quality management system and product testing equipment; besides, individual technical competence was also inspected  .

At the end of the assessment meeting, the assessment team addressed our current problems and provided the detailed comments on the review rectification. We are planning one month to finish rectification, and send it out in a written form to theLiaoyang Municipal Special Equipment Supervision and Inspection Institute  for getting State Manufacturing License of  Special Equipment (ball valve and check valve under (A1, A2, Class B) pressure piping components)