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2015 International LNG Technology Conference
The forum focused on LNG transport technology, in particular the focus on LNG and tanker shipping. hat "Opinions on the Administration of Transporting Dangerous Goods and strengthening safety supervision and management" was reported and  has been operating on dangerous goods transport companies, travel, staff . In this forum ,the Secretary General Mr.Hu Weiping, China Industrial Overseas Development and Planning Association, former Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Bureau of Oil and Gas Division,  made a LNG and transport market analysis and forecasted future trends. 

In addition to the LNG ship, the subjects such as  LNG facilities, LNG cryogenic materials, equipment and key technologies have also been widespread concern in the industry. China Petroleum Engineering Co., Ltd.  addressed a speech" Complete Sets of Key Equipment technology On LNG heat exchanger ", the Chinese Academy of Sciences cryogenic engineering laboratory director Luo Ercang brought the most cutting-edge technology - skid-mounted liquefaction technology. Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrumentation Institute introduced small-scale LNG cryogenic tanks, tanks, cylinders, filling gun and measurement equipment and technology.