Oil Gas Gathering Equipment
UZ Magnetic Liquidometer

General Introduction

    UZ Magnetic liquidometer is worked through the coupling force between the float magnet and the monitor’s converting column magnet. When the liquid level of the vessel moves, the float of main tube in liquidometer also moves. The permanent magnet inside of the float drives the column to turn around 180 degree by magnetic coupling force,i.e. When the liquid Level rises, the column turns from color white to red and when liquid level drops, the column turns from color red to white. This series of level gauge can not only achieve the level measurement of a single liquid medium, but achieve the measurement of the interface between two Medias. In addition, this device is also equipped with the limit level alarm and control switch with the function of limit alarm and control. Besides, the remote level transmitter can be installed into liquidomter so that the interface signal can be transmitted into 4 ~ 20mA signal to finish remote detection, indication, recording and control.

    It widely used to monitor measure and control the fluid medium of various tower, tank, column, vessels, boiler in fields of petroleum, petro chemicals, NG, chemicals, pharmacy, foods, etc.

Performance Feature

★Full Scale Display and there is no Display  Dead Zone;

★Without influence from temperature variation and makes up the fragile risk of glass liquidometer;

★High Measurement safety for imflammable ,explosive  ,Corrosive and toxic liquid;

★White-Read Column is simple ,clear and accurate to read;

★As for the large vessel, it’s enough to finish level measurement throught 1 set of large  full –scale UZ liquidometer at low cost and few holes  in stead of many level gauges;

★It can be used in high temperature and high pressure occasions;

★ It’s convenient and owns integrated functions of alarming&transmitting& local moniting into one set. 


★Work Pressure Range:≤25.0MPa;

★Medium Viscosity :≤150cp;

★Medium Density :>0.45 g/cm3

★Measurement Range:L=300-20000mm;

★Application Temperature :-40~300℃;

★Measurement Accuracy:±10mm或1.0%FS


Side Connection DN 20,25,32,40,50,etc.;or Top Connection according to Customer’s requirement DN≥100;

★Transmitting Output :4~20mA dc;

★Electrical Port:1/2"F;