Oil Gas Gathering Equipment
Molecular Sieve Dehydration skid
Function and Components
★ This device is used in natural gas treatment plant, gas station and other places for wet gas dehydration, especially suitable for the processing occasions of high water dew contents or high sour gas.

★ This device consists of moisture coalescing filter, molecular sieve adsorption column, dust filter, gas heater, gas cooler, gas separator, programmable switching valve, auto controlled instrument and other components.

Technical Feature  It’s used for the in-depth natural gas dehydration with the dew point lower than -50 ℃. This technology is commonly applied for the downstream equipment under condition of helium separation, cryogenic hydrocarbon recovery, etc.


★High adaptability, low sensitivity to the change in term of raw material temperature, pressure, flow, etc.

★High automation of absorption , regeneration and cooling process.