Cage Type Pressure Regulator
Brief introduction
This product is mainly used in transmission and distribution systems of natural gas, coal gas and other gases for pressure regulating. It has the special advantage that no other energy is needed., It can utilize the pressure energy of the carried gas for self-regulating to make the gas pressre or gas flux stable. This product has changed the traditional structural designs and regulating principles of pressure regulators, it can match the working condition of high pressure and great diameter, it is a new cage-type regulator with double function of safely shut-off and high-precision regulating. It has the excellent performances of compact structure, high precise of regulating, wide range of regulating, good stability, less noises, leakproof and long life-span. The regulating precise of this product has achieved the advanced level in the world, so it can replace the importing products ideally and has the obvious advantages of better performance-price ratio.
The product has passed the evaluation by the state-level authority and each performance index conforms to the provision. The result of the provincial evaluation on the product is: unique design, structure novelty, high precision on pressure adjustment, Cut-off reliable seal, long service life of diaphragm, automatic security truncation, overload and no-voltage protection function. its original adjustment structure is a domestic pioneer and the technology level is a lead in China. The key technical indexes reach international advanced stage of similar product. 
Application outstanding achievement: Renshou transmission company of southwestern oil/gas branch 、Gas mine northeast of Sichuan, SheBei gas field of Qinghai oil field gas development company, Oil changeover gas project of Jilin oil field, Transport the natural gas from the west to the east project of increase pressure station,etc.

The large pressure-difference high accuracy cage type pressure regulator is indirect effects, main valve and command valve, unloading valve, overload pressure protection valve connect with signal control pipe, command valve sensing entry or exit charged pressure signal and control the degree of main valve’s open or close, unloading valve eliminate the affective from entry and exit’s pressure change, so the control pressure in main valve film room become stabilized as the set pressure. Working process is:
1. When it in a state of equilibrium, main valve rubber membrane up and down air-cell balance, that is main valve spring and inlet pressure P1 and the control air-cell pressure P3 is balance. 
2. When burthen in exit reduction or entry pressure P1 increase, gas outlet pressure P2 increase, the pressure effective in director rubber membrane will increase, destroy the balance of director spring, so rubber membrane brings valve pole move up, valve ora opening minished. Unloading valve ora opening increase, pressure in main valve up air-cell increase, and oppress main valve chip down, let the valve ora opening minished, the flux minished, outlet pressure P2 minished, come back the setting numerical. 
3. When burthen in exit increase or entry pressure P1 reduction, gas exit pressure P2 reduction, the pressure effective in director rubber membrane will reduction, destroy the balance of director spring, so rubber membrane brings valve pole move down, valve ora opening increase. Unloading valve ora opening reduction, pressure in main valve up air-cell reduction, and oppress main valve chip up, let the valve ora opening increase, the flux increase, pressure in exit P2 increase, come back the setting numerical.
4. When burthen increase or main valve membrane mangle, that is when outlet pressure is too high or too low to the directing valve working range, media pressure and spring power’s balance be destroyed, the spring power inure, unloading valve cut off signal source of command valve exit media pressure, main valve cut off and shut.
Whether gas volume and inlet pressure (at allowing entry pressure range) changes to what, the pressure regulator can keep exit pressure stability through director,unloading valve and overload pressure loss protection valve’s adjustment function, The outlet pressure auto remain firm frequently and realize overcharge self security egis.It was one self-regulating system that wherefore the pressure regulator and connective network.
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Performance Features:
1. Membrane has long life time: To conquer the trouble that pressure regulator rubber membrane life time is too short, membrane cushion don’t have media channels hole, rubber membrane needn’t seal function, so it shuns the seal shear strength bring about shut-off seal channels hole. The dish membrane cushion lumen has circle gas storage tank, it benefit for main valve open, and it provide a basic working conditions for rubber membrane doesn’t scour by media in a balance gas chamber, drive to achieve functional, so rubber membrane has a long life time. 
2. Meet the high-pressure, big diameter pressure regulate: The pressure disparity making by rubber membrane’s working, its value divided by the diaphragm spring force effective area, working pressure difference unaffected by entry and exit pressure changing. It can content the high pressure entry and exit pressure regulatory function, solving the problem that domestic corporation can’t produce enough high pressure and big diameter pressure regulator.
3. High precise: main valve membrane cushion down air-cell communicates with entry pressure and balance, media in air-cell doesn’t flow when valve tempers working pressure, so shunning that media flows to make turbulent flow. When main valve membrane cushion up and down air-cell regulate balance, it has advantage that good stability, small fluctuations, and high-precision adjustment. 
4. Zero seal leak: main valve chip and valve seat use hard-soft quality sealed deputy, under the effect of chip balance hole, valve chip receive balance power in up and down place, so a small seal ratio pressure can make zero seal leak. It has changed the foreign products used in the rubber diaphragm membrane pad convex sealed resulting iron sulfide powder sticky plug the leakage phenomenon. 
5. Auto safe cut-off protection: main valve is according to medium pressure height and usage demand, the pressure satisfying different pressure rank respectively adjusts the flow direction and structure characteristic making use of different medium, overload pressure protection valve and command valve pressure signal source to realize the pressure being overburdened, losing or the main valve rubber diaphragm breakdown, energy automation safety all cuts off a main valve protecting. 
6. Nice characteristics of pressure and flow characteristics: The unloading valve can change according to valve former pressure change and the valve queen rate of flow, it act the film room controls pressure on using a main valve always tending to stable direction of pressure changes. The range adjusting pressure is broad, stabilivolt accuracy is high, close pressure being smaller than the tradition adjuster far.

Technique parameters


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