Throttle Glove Valve

Brief introduction
The product inherits the merits of general and multi-opening throttle valves. The product has been improved dramatically. Since it's put in the market, the product is gained with great achievements with higher reputation among users. The product has  multilevel under pressure and high pressure differential regulating valve, which is used to accurately control high temperature, high pressure, high pressure differential for medium with solid particle and high pressure. The product adopts the spray nozzle, labyrinth axis, and the valve core sleeve opening, which forms fore and after multilevel throttle. The valve core and valve seat use hard soft seal. By separating the seal surface and throttle surface, The valve’s capability of throttle and seal is enhanced. The product has the merits of reliable seal, low noise, slight vibration, throttle, stop, depressure, nimble open-close, etc. And the product is quite suitable for throttle and stop under high pressure. On the condition of high pressure differential, the product has the same function as the pressure reducing vlave with long service life. The product is widely used in the field of petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry , electric power , metallurgy, etc..

The products with anti-sulfur alloy, ceramic seal can meet the requirement of the scour-resistent and erosion-resistent in the condition of high pressure difference for media containing high H2S、CO2 and CL-.

 Application achievement: Project of transporting the natural gas from the west to the east, karat ii gas field of Tarim oil field branch China petroleum, YingMaiLi gas field, Tazhong 6 condensate gas field construct, Changbei gas field of Changqing oil field branch, Southwest gas field branch, LuoJiaZhai special high in sulfur gas field, Qinghai SheBei gas field, China sea oil orient 1-1 land terminal, South of Bohai Sea land terminal, Hainan ring island gas pipeline, etc.

Performance and Features
1. Seal reliable:hard and soft seal can achieve the“zero leakage” of high-pressure gas and liquid media .
2. Throttling function: Using nozzles and two-axis  to achieve the throttling ; the throtting hole formed between the spool sets hole and the cylindrical form of spool features the multi-level throttling and segmented throttling . One throttle valve has three functions. It can replace the relief valve under the  high pressure conditions. During throttling process, most of the pressure was laid on nozzles and maze axis and few pressure on  throttling Orifice of spool sleeve. The high-speed fluid contacts and erodes nozzle and maze axis so the worn nozzles and axial do not affect the throttling and sealing performance. 
3. Automatic Cleaner: Spool is designed with 2 O-rings, and a slag groove is between two O-rings.When the first O-ring is damaged, slags and impurities of media are stored into storage tank for automatic Clean. This design makes the external of spool and inside of spool wall clean and avoid  the scratching of  second O-ring for reliable sealing. 
4. Small vibration, low noise: there is a balance hole in the spool so that the spool force is balanced all the time and  avoid the mechanical noise . The multi-level throttling and segmented depressurization  can effectively prevent cavitations of gas-liquid medium and alleviate erosion,noise and vibration of internal components . 
5. Spool has a balance hole, so that the spool valve core is always subject to the force balance ,achieves the small torque to open and close.
6. The O-rings and PTFE are used for sealing ;
7. The lubrication oil has been filed in bushing ring and it can be used for the whole service life of the valve . 

Performance & Dimensions