Drain Valve
(K)TP41Y Series Drain Valve


Two National Patents:ZL02222181.6、 ZL97205605.X

State Key Product               

1.Brief Introduction 

TP41Y Series now are in the fifth generation after the second and third research and development. This new structure adopts multiple throttling technologies and throttling happens at the contact positions between throttle axis& nozzle of valve seat, between sleeve gasket window & valve seat orifice, between spool bottom and sleeve window respectively. This new structure features reliable sealing, enduring brush, anti-jam, self-cleaning, dual functions of throttling and depressurization, draining of macro residues. The new product is especially up to the severe draining condition and service life is 8 to 10 times than conventional draining valve. 20-year performance has made TP41Y Series renowned and appraised by project expert of domestic petroleum gas, awarded as national key product of 2004. TP41Y Series are applicable for direct draining of piping device in the fields such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, and metallurgy, etc.

TP41Y Series with anti-sulfur alloy and ceramic seal is up to scour-resistant and erosion-resistant requirements when pressure difference is high or the media contains high H2S、CO2 and CL.

Project Achievements: West-to-East NG(NG) Pipeline Project, karat II Gas Field of CNPC Tarim Oil Field, Sangnan-Jilake Gas Field, YingMaiLi Gas Field, Tazhong 6 Condensate Gas Field, Changbei Gas Field of Changqing Oil Field, Southwest Oil & Gas Field, Luojiazai High-Sulfur Gas Field, Qinghai SeBei Gas Field, Orient 1-1 Land Terminal of CNPOOC , Land Terminal Of Bohai Sea, Hainan Ring Island Gas Pipeline, West Finish Crude Oil Pipeline, Sino-Australia Guangdong LNG Project, Shanghai Pudong City Gas Network, etc.

2. Model explanation

3. Technique parameters

4.  Performance Features

4.1 Reliable Seal:Hard and soft seal makes the high-pressure gas and liquid media “zero leakage”.

4.2 Throttling Function: Multiple throttling structures between throttle axis& nozzle of valve seat, between sleeve gasket window & valve seat orifice and between spool bottom & sleeve window respectively are up to the draining volume changes as well as effectively mitigate the erosion of humid and macro solid Medias on the surface of spool seal.

4.3 The Travel of Relief Finale: The idle Travels between throttle axis& nozzle of valve seat, between sleeve gasket window & valve seat orifice and between spool bottom & sleeve window is with equidistance synchronization features. It ensures that the medium would start throttling and discharging medium as long as enough room and distance is kept when spool is off from the seat seal. It can effectively protect sealing surface.

4.4 Self-Cleaning function: In process of closing valve, the gap between seat gasket and valve seat can prevent macro media from flowing into seal; the media can flow into valve seat orifice through bevel angle of gasket with higher flow resistance coefficient and flow rate, larger radial force of medium to achieve the sealing surface’s purging of valve seat. Under spool bottom, the diversion of media flow causes whirlpool, which can purge soft seal, avoid the residues adhesion on the hard and soft sealing surface, and ensure the sealing performance after draining.

4.5 Draining Function: When draining media, the idle travel of relief finale avoid the direct scour due to media with high-pressure differential, and can effectively protect sealing surface, extend service life. In process of closing valve, the self cleaning of hard and soft surface can avoid the scratch of sealing face and ensure reliable sealing up to the draining requirements under poor working conditions.

4.6 Auto Clean Residues: Spool with two O-rings owns a residue collection slot, and when the 1st O-ring is broken , the residues of media would flow into slot for auto cleaning , keep external circle of spool and inwall of sleeve at clear status,and further avoid the scratch of 2nd O-ring and ensure a reliability sealing..

4.7 The balance whole and residues slot keep small torque, easy and flexible open.

4.8 Valve stem is equipped with grease injector nozzle, and the interaction of O-ring and PTFE between seal and padding ensure the zero leakage and further extend stem life.

5. Major Spare Parts

6. As-built Dimension and Connection

6.1 For structure, see Fig.1
 Notice:bottom cover is not available if DN is ≤65 . The bottom-draining hole is with plug screw.

Fig.1 (K)TP41Y Draining Valve Structure Drawing

6.2 For installation dimensions, see Table 1~4 (The manufacture of flange dimension and sealing surface are customized).

Table 1                           (K)TP41Y             ANSI 150Class~400Class 

Table 2                           (K)TP41Y              ANSI 600Class~2500Class 

Notice: Flanges of ANSI 150Class~2500Class adopt ANSI B16.5 standard, sealing face is RF or RJ.

Table 3                     (K)TP41Y-16~63                     PN1.6~6.3MPa

Table 4                    (K)TP41Y-100~250                    PN10.0~25.0MPa