Basket Filter
Production Introduction
GL type basket filter for pipelines is designed, manufactured and inspected in line with JB/T7538-94 Basket Filter for Pipelines.

The filter is composed of gas fitting, main pipe, filtering basket, blind flange and fastener. When the fluid flows into the filtering basket via the main pipe, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filtering basket, while the clean fluid will be discharged by the filter outlet via the filtering basket. When cleaning is needed, turn on the plug screw at the bottom of the main pipe to drain the fluid; dismantle the blind flange to take the filtering basket out. Fit the filtering basket after cleaning. Therefore, the use and maintenance are extremely easy.

Performance & Dimensions


Ordering Instructions
1. For the filters adopting flange coupling, the user shall mark out the flange standard when ordering;
2. When ordering, please write the model, specification, design or the maximum operating pressure, design or the maximum operating temperature, material or the medium name and the filter accuracy correctly and clearly;
3. The discharge outlet in the table has just listed the threaded connection type and it can be designed into flange coupling type or socket welded joint type; 
4. We can specially design and manufacture according to the requirements of users.