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Love inherited in Changyi
June 6, 2018
Recently, Mao Caiyi, an employee of Sichuan KTZ Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which is a cooperative company of Changyi, was in the hospital because of spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage. Mao Caiyi's family is difficult and the high cost of treatment makes the family under pressure. Although KTZ paid social security for Mao Caiyi and some medical expenses can be reimbursed, there are still a lot of medical expenses to be paid. His family raises money everywhere, but there is still a big gap. In order to help Mao Caiyi's family to get through the difficulties, KTZ employees actively donation to Mao Caiyi and appealed to the community for help.
When Changyi’s leader learned of this news, a donations initiative in Changyi's WeChat group was put forward. Immediately all the employees of the Changyi gave a positive response: making donations through WeChat and Water Drop Financing and in cash, such 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan and so on. In less than two days, Changyi raised 6760 yuan, and on the morning of June 1, these money was transferred to the Mao Caiyi family's bank account. Money is limited, but love is priceless. KTZ and Mao Caiyi's family were moved by the donation of Changyi employees and expressed their gratitude in a timely manner! Here, wish Mao Caiyi recovery early.
This donation fully shows the unity of Changyi people, the corporate culture of dedication to society and the love positive energy. Although Changyi people have never met Mao Caiyi before, they still extended a helping hand to Mao Caiyi. Even many new employees such as Zheng Wenbin, who joined the company this year, are also actively participating in the donation, which reflects the strong love inheritance and positive social energy of Changyi people.