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KunLun Energy Company Limited Visits Changyi
Changyi News, March 26, 2018
This is a bloom spring season. From March 20 to 21, Investigation Team of Material Supplier of KunLun Energy Company Limited came to Changyi for a visit. The Investigation Team make an inspection of the office building, R & D center, physical and chemical testing center, production workshops, material storage, welding material warehouse, product warehouse and so on. A comprehensive review and scoring were conducted for operating management, financial situation, production equipment capacity, inspection ability, R & D ability, quality / environment / occupational health and safety management system establishment and operation, products quality, outsourcing material quality, production process control, sales performance, after-sales service and other situations. Finally Changyi was qualified with a higher evaluation. At the same time, investigation team gave some valuable suggestions for improvement, in such aspects as locale management, equipment operation and handover control, environment and safety measures and so on, and they also hope that Changyi could work hard continually, implement rectification measures one by one conscientiously, and improve product quality continually, so that provide advanced technology, reliable quality and high quality service products for the safe operation of gas production in our country.