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Hot July of Changyi
July 19, 2018
It is not too much to describe July as hot. Hot July, and hot sun. The weather is hot, but the work passion of employee is hotter; the temperature is high, but the momentum of innovation of employee is higher. We Changyi have a "hot" July.
In July, the sales of Changyi became booming. The “hottest” sales news is that Changyi won 2018 Annual Tender of China National Petroleum and Gas Group Co., Ltd.: A5 package (venting globe valve) and A8 package (safety valve) respectively. This achievement is enough for us to be “hot”. 
This result is not easy!
In addition, Changyi won the bidding of venting globe valve and other auxiliary valve procurement project of first phase of Jiangxi Natural Gas Pipeline Network Project (Fuzhou-Chongren-Yihuang, Nancheng-Nanfeng, Nancheng-Zixi branch), and the bidding of globe valve procurement of Sichuan-Chongqing project of China Petroleum and Natural Gas first Construction Co., Ltd.
Valve sales in July this year, is enough "hot"!
Comparing with the same period last year, the sale of Skid-mounted equipment is also very “hot”. Changyi won total 118 sets of pressure regulating box and cabinet from Guoxin Bidding Group Co., Ltd., gain 18 sets of skid-mounted equipment of Zi-201 Well Gas Field Auxiliary Project of Delopment Program of 5 billion cubic meters per year in Weiyuan Shale Gas Field through strategic cooperation with Sichuan Lingyunjian Technology Co., Ltd., and gain 56 sets trial skid-mounted equipment of South Sichuan Shale Gas Ground Construction Project.
The "hot" of sales promoted the "hot" of production and manufacturing. In the production workshop of Changyi, we can see Changyi people full of energy everywhere: they are working overtime on the production line, with sweat profusely.
In the “hot" July, we went on working in the hot weather. In the summer, the grass did not wither because of the hot sun. In the ‘’hot” July, Changyi people also did not rest!