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JiaZhou Craftsman, Lottery Changyi
April 28, 2018
Zhang Yuewei, an excellent staff member of the Changyi, was appraised as one of the 30 "Jiazhou Craftsmen" in Selection Activities of "Jiazhou Craftsman" of Leshan City.
On April 26, 2018, at the Leshan Grand Buddha Theatre, the Labor Union of Leshan City hold a commendation ceremony for "Jiazhou Craftsmen” to issue certificates and awards to such as Zhang Yuewei and other 30 "Jiazhou craftsmen”.
In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress, the craftsman spirit was repeatedly mentioned : "to build a knowledge-based, skilled, innovative army of workers, to carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, to create a glorious social fashion of labor and an atmosphere of dedication to excellence." Changyi culture advocates the concept for employee growth: learning knowledge, learning skills, learning to live together, and learning to develop, which are in the same way as the craftsman spirit advocated by our country. Zhang Yuewei was selected as Leshan "Jiazhou Craftsman", not only Zhang Yuewei's personal honor, but also Changyi’s.
This Zhang YueWei’s successful selection will encourage the vast number of staff and workers in Changyi to study, innovation, and practice. At the same time, the spirit of craftsmen become the common spiritual pursuit of all the staff and workers of Changyi, which can speed up the upgrading and development of industrial manufacturing industries of Changyi. 

Remarks:Jiazhou is an ancient name of Leshan City.