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Kind Condolences from Leshan Leaders on Eve of Spring Festiva
February 23, 2018
On the morning of February 14, 2018, under the leadership of Mayor Zhang Tong, Zhu Zhang, the director of the Municipal Economic Commission, and his party, with concern and condolences for the enterprise, came to the excellent enterprise of high-tech zone to express their condolences, and thank the staffs of the enterprises for their hard contributions to the development of Leshan City.
 At about 10 a.m., Mayor Zhang and Director Zhu came to Changyi. They were welcomed by leaders and staff representatives of Changyi, and shook hands with employees. Mayor Zhang said that Changyi had made contribution to the development of high-tech zone in 2017, and thank the hard work of staff. On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Mayor Zhang had extended the blessing of the New Year to all employees and sent 20000 yuan consolation money to changyi.               
The leaders and staff representatives of Changyi thank the condolences from Mayor of Zhang and its party, and said that in the new year, Changyi would do well in the innovation and development of the enterprise as before so that to make greater contribution to the economic construction of Leshan City.