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2018 Spring Staff Sport Meet has Successfully Held in Changyi
May 3, 2018
Since 2018, the production order of Changyi is getting more and more. All the staff and workers have been working nervously and painstakingly to achieve the company's business goals in 2018. On April 28, 2018, the spring 2018 staff sports meet was hold in Changyi factory, for the physical and mental health of the staff and workers, and for the purpose of "harmonious Changyi".
Although the Sport Meet only lasted for half a day, the preparatory team for the sports meet was set up for the preparation work,such as seeking advice from staff, making rules and agenda for the sport meet, setting up prizes and so on. The staff and workers of the company signed up enthusiastically.
There are five competition events in this sport: chess, table tennis, 100-meter sprint, relay race and tug-of-war race. This staff sports meet can be said to be a fitness exercise for all the staff and workers of Changyi, which not only stimulated the participation consciousness and unity consciousness of all the staff and workers, but also promoted mutual understanding and friendship. 
In the competition, all the contestants are prepared to come, and the contestants show their own personal demeanor. Chess, table tennis and sprint are competitive, competing for the individual strength of contestants, especially sprint events. Look, one contestant is running very quick on the track, although he fell and get up quick to run. The following relay race and tug-of-war race test a team's cohesion and team spirit. Listen, enthusiastic cheering is burst out from time to time. Looking at the drop of water can see the vicissitudes of the sea. The indomitable spirit of contestants show the working attitude of working hard and fighting ambition of Changyi people.
At 4: 00 in the afternoon, the spring staff sports meet ended in a warm and happy awards ceremony, which all the leaders of the company attended. The sports meet provided the opportunity for all the staff and workers to communicate and study, vigorously promoted the development of the fitness movement of the staff and workers, improved the physical and mental quality of the staff and workers, and embodied the cooperation spirit and fighting spirit of the Changyi people. It creates a positive, vibrant cultural atmosphere for Changyi.
The staff sports meet is only a form, and the collectivism spirit embodied in the competition is the most valuable. It believes that Changyi people can integrate this spirit into their future work to contribute to the development of Changyi.